?php /* PHProxy bandwidth MOD 1.1 by Rhett Canney (Billy Connite) This MOD will stop any hotlinking via PHProxy, even if the clients referer is not set! Check out proxywebsite.org if you want to try hotlinking. */ // allow hotlinking from these sites, seperate by comma (make sure you eneter your site's domains) $domains="bgtorrentz.net,bgtorrents.biz,bgtorrents.net"; // convert domains into an array $domains=explode(",",$domains); // if there is a request: if($_GET['q']!="") { // get referer $referer=explode("/",($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])); // if the referer is not allowed: if(!in_array($referer[2],$domains)) { // redirect to homepage and finish script header("Location: http://".$domains[0]."/"); exit(); } } /* END MOD */ ?> ?php //Website Info Settings $sitetitle = "BGTORRENTS - Free PHP Web Proxy to unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter"; //Meta Settings $metakeywords = "browse at work, unblock myspace, proxy, free proxy, php proxy, browse, browse at school, surf anonymously"; $metadescription = "Feel free to browse the internet with bgtorrents.net to unblock websites like Myspace, Facebook, ArenaBG.com, Zamunda.net"; //Website Layout Title $layouttitle = 'BGTORRENTS'; //Website URL Address $url = "http://bgtorrents.net/"; //AdCode Settings //SideBar Adsense $adcode1 = ''; //Main Content Adsense1 $adcode2 = ''; ?> Catalogue - Zamunda.NET
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